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RE-GEN Engineering Drafting Pty Ltd is a Hunter Valley based CAD company, providing drafting services to the mining, fabrication, and engineering sectors. 

We specialise in the recapture of existing design using software which allows for real world accurate models, producing exploded presentations, profiles, machine shop manufacturing drawings, assembly building and 2D layouts. Existing designs can be recaptured from original parts (having them measured up onsite by us), markups of existing sketches or revised drawings.

For the innovative client, we provide design prototyping and dynamic presentations including detailed explosions, 3D views and animation.

We have extensive experience in 2D manufacturing drawings within the mining industry. This includes experience working in a multitude of disciplines, for example: Mechanical, Architectural, and Building Services. The majority of work undertaken within these industries were of the "As Installed", "Work As Executed" or "As Built" variety.

Our Draftsmen are highly skilled, with 15 years experience in the drafting industry. We are committed to providing a fast, reliable, high quality service to our clients.

All contracts are negotiated with the client by the director of RE-GEN, with either hourly rates, or a fixed contract price for a package of drawings, depending on the clients preferences. All quotes are negotiated obligation-free. At RE-GEN, client satisfaction and quality service is our highest priority. 

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